Case Studies

#1 Challenge:

Our client was importing tremendous volume daily. Because of huge supplier shipping in bulk, they faced regular bottlenecks in the in-ability to reduce the numbers of containers being unstuffed daily. Therefore, the Customer incurred heavy port storage costs regularly.


After reviewing their needs, DNE introduced and implemented intensive un-stuffing services for customers. DNE allocated additional resource to this client and our team focused on un-stuffing 10 containers per day compared to 1 or 2 containers a day, thus saving customer’s cost through reducing their port storage costs.

#2 Challenge:14526373_s

Our client was shipping in 400 containers per month. However, our client suffered from frequent staff turn over, therefore their logistic and supply chain process was always disrupted due to in-experienced staffs


DNE evaluated the situation and chose to extend their services by offering in house logistics service. We handpicked and selected 2 trained DNE staffs in customer office to assist in the daily planning of container delivery/collection and provide first hand status report to support the warehouse planning. The result – the containers were able to be shipped out according to schedule and saves thousands of ringgit on detention, SSR and penalty charges.