DNE Provides Recruitment

Looking for trained personnel in your logistics industry. Fret no more by tapping into our experienced recruitment services.

We are the leading recruitment agency in the logistics space. With an international network of partner offices spanning continents, we are able to meet the demands of clients and candidates whose needs extend beyond local markets, whilst our strong local foundations provide us with unique industry and culture insights.

Trusted in Providing Customized Recruitment Solutions

We work in partnership with our clients to deliver recruitment solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of every organisation. We work as a trusted advisor – leveraging our unrivalled expertise and industry knowledge to ensure the right individuals fill the right roles within our client’s business.

Personalized Local Touch

We provide truly personalized solutions – whether you are a multi-national or a smaller regional or local organisation, we have the global network and local knowledge to meet any recruitment need.

Professional Consultants with Professional Qualifications

We actively recruit our consultants from specialist practice areas such as accountancy & finance, banking, law, IT, HR, sales & marketing, engineering, supply chain and logistics.

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